Olympus GI Benchmarking


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What is Olympus GI Benchmarking

Olympus GI Benchmarking is designed to transform your data into practical, useful information.

GI Benchmarking offers the convenience of a web-based single source for operational analysis of GI endoscopy centers and comparison against facilities of a similar type, size and location.

Rather than physician-based analytics focused on each procedure, data is facility-based to measure overall operations to help you improve processes.


Olympus is currently offering complimentary annual subscriptions (a $495 value) for qualifying GI facilities participating in the GI Benchmarking program.

Designed for quick, easy implementation and participation, the Olympus GI Benchmarking program offers:

  • No installation requirements
  • Confidential, secure access
  • Flexible entry and review

Any GI-designated facility or unit that has been in operation for at least one year and that performs 1,000 or more GI procedures annually qualifies for participation in the program.


https://benchmarking.olympusamerica.com  (This site best viewed in Google Chrome)
* Participation in complimentary subscription is subject to open payment reporting (price and product offering subject to change). An existing relationship with Olympus and/or ownership of a specific manufacturer’s equipment is not required for program participation. Pooled data may be purchased without participating in the program for an annual subscription fee of $495 (price and product offering subject to change). Facility-specific data is confidential and is only collected for use in the database in aggregate form based on facility type, size and geographic location.

GI-specific Metrics

Often metrics are based on comparative data between departments or hospitals as a whole, which can be misleading. Industry-specific data can give you a clearer picture of how your reportable events compare to your industry peers and serve as a more reliable indicator of where improvements are needed.

Operational Focus

GI endoscopy centers are commonly seen as performing repetitive services where real gains can be achieved by focusing on efficiency. Metrics such as length of stay, procedural costs, reportable events, and type and amount of equipment can help facility managers know how they stack up against peer facilities and pinpoint areas for improvement or course correction.

Comparable-facility Reporting

With the exception of units that are part of national organizations, most medical facilities exist in limited and unique environmental niches. Olympus GI Benchmarking allows subscribers to compare their operations to similar facilities based on type, size and geography.