Peer-to-Peer Product Education

Our Professional Education Program provides multiple types of peer-to-peer training in order to meet the specific educational needs of physicians and nurses focused on the safe and effective use of Olympus products. Training events include:

  • Olympus Master Classes – A full day product training event comprised of:
    • Live case observation and education with interactive discussions
    • Didactic sessions on advanced clinical applications, including case reviews
    • Hands-on experience with Olympus technology and devices, utilizing various models, techniques and devices
  • Olympus Clinical Mentorships – A half-day of live case observation and education in a one-on-one setting with a surgeon educator, including hands-on training and a Q&A session specific to a particular procedure and its related products.
  • Olympus Proctorships –An opportunity for a student to perform a case, with live support from an educator.

For more information about any of the programs listed above, please contact your Olympus sales representative.